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★ a GLEE season 2 redux rpg

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★ a GLEE season 2 redux rpg

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Welcome to mckinleyvdalton ★ a GLEE season 2 redux rpg

It's the second year of New Directions at William McKinley High School, and with the knowledge that Nationals are to be held in New York this year, the Glee kids are optimistic about the new year ahead of them. However, they don't realise what a rollercoaster they could be about to step onto, and with a few new faces in their mix, they encounter their biggest Glee Club rivals of the year, the Dalton Academy Warblers who exist in a whole different world to what William McKinley High School is made of.

We kick off at canon point episode 2x01, and explore the "What ifs" of Season 2. Our aim is to revisit the canon events via RP, with some differences, and aim to get more into the characters' heads along the way. We hope to keep the very foundation and essence of the plot of Season 2, however WARNING: Some ships and characterizations will vary from canon in this game. If you are strictly a fan of sticking tightly to canon, this isn't the place for you.

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To follow our game, please watch mckinleyvdalton and mvdonline.

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This is GLEE RPG, and we are a redux of Season 2, launching at episode 2x01 and gradually weaving our way through the canon and beyond. We are in no way affiliated to the TV show GLEE, which belongs to creator Ryan Murphy and Fox. All canon characters portrayed in this game belong to their creators. No profit is being made. For fun purposes only.
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