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Kurt Hummel ★ GLEE

[FACEBOOK] Private Message to Holly Holliday

Can you come back to our school and be fabulous? I know you won't care if I'm too gay.
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Who's homophobic ass do I need to stick a Loub into for saying you're too gay?
No one, no one. Creative differences only, apparently. It just doesn't make me feel any less shit. I'm a unicorn without a horn. But my boyfriend is walking horn without even knowing it.
I feel like this is some kinda new euphemism I don't understand. You're a unicorn, but Blaine is nothing but walking horn?

I think I need to come back if only so that you go back to talking sense.
It's a really long story that is me not getting the part in the musical I really needed for extra credit. You can probably connect the dots after that. Basically I'm too gay, but my gay boyfriend isn't. But I'm happy for him, he's perfect for the role. It just hurts and my eyes keep leaking. Plus, I suck at politics.
So you're running for class president? Oh, Kurt... I really wish I could come back to the school, but it's not time for me yet. I've only just managed to break into Dalton as a relief teacher. I can see why you loved the place.

Although if you get Mr Schue sick again, they'll have no choice but to ask me back. Sweetheart, which part was it?


September 29 2011, 10:53:50 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  September 29 2011, 10:54:24 UTC

You're teaching at Dalton? I was running, but I'm quitting. I've got no hope now. I'm too gay for that too. More corny than horny.

Tony in West Side Story. And just look at this. Look how perfect he is. If that was anyone else, I would hate them and be plotting their evil demise by now.
I am. Of course I'm not wearing the short skirts, or leather pants but I am at least getting the Warblers to do something other than Katy Perry. Kurt, you're not too gay for anything. You're one of the most amazing students I've ever known. And you didn't get to be who you are by giving up on things so quickly.

Ah. I know you wanted the lead, and you know I love your performances to bits, but he is more suited to Tony. Any other musical and you'd be in the lead. I know it must hurt though, seeing your boyfriend get the part you wanted. Just don't let it get between you two. You're strong.
I was on top of the world at the end of last year. Now it just feels like the same ol' crap, same ol' record over and over again.

You're not telling me anything the rest of the school hasn't already emphasised in stereo over the last few days. And it's not that, I'm happy for him. His talent is boundless, I just hate being pitted against him. It's horrible. It's part of the reason he transferred in the first place.
He transferred to be pitted against you? No, wait, so that Dalton and McKinley didn't go up against each other in sectionals.

Okay, well, so glad I'm recycling the same advice everyone else has given you :P But here's the thing, Kurt, you were the one to change what happened. You took your own life in your hands and decided to make it the best year.
Yes. It sucked to be competing against him. That wasn't the reason, though. We just struggled a lot being apart. We wanted more time together.

Story of my life, Miss Holliday. Let me elaborate. It was the best and worst year of my life. The good came from the bad, not me changing anything. Just reacting to things.
Understandable when you've found someone who adds to you, and completes you. Really, you're making me feel like I am missing something after all with being such a free spirit.

Still, your reactions were obviously the right ones. I know it sucks to have a hard time while it's going on, but it doesn't stay like that. Things do get better. This is only the beginning of the year.