Blaine Bradford Anderson (rockstarwarbler) wrote in mckinleyvdalton,
Blaine Bradford Anderson

"Education blues..."

Who: Blaine Anderson, but open to anyone else
What: Transition process
Where: McKinley halls
When: Monday lunch time
Rating: G

This was Blaine's second week at McKinley now, and the shine was wearing off just a little. The first half-week he had spend there had mostly been a whirlwind of OMGYAYSAMESCHOOLASKURT and NATIONALSWOO. He enjoyed the Tom Jones performance in the quadrangle and other than Finn's cool reaction to Mr Schue welcoming him to New Directions, mostly Blaine had been made to feel at home.

But now it was his second week there, and he was starting to feel a little like a fish out of water when he didn't have Kurt around for a distraction. Kurt was getting amped up with his Class President campaign and the school was abuzz with talk of the musical. It was Monday morning now, though, and for the first time, Blaine was having an anxious sensation of missing the structure and safety of Dalton. He had a near miss with a slushie from one of the hockey team, but just when he thought it was aimed at him, it got some poor kid walking past him. Everything was just so crazy and buzzed and loud that he felt today like he couldn't catch a breather or a moment of peace.

With his books tucked under his arm, he closed his locker over and then wove his way through the buy crowd to the exit. He stood out on the walkway that led to the auditorium and leant against the railing to get a bit of fresh air. This place reminded him of his old school so much it was surreal, and he knew he just had to find his feet here. It wasn't turning out to be as easy a transition as he expected, though, and once again, he took out his cell to check to see if he had missed any texts from Kurt, but nothing. He was about to send one, but then just put his phone away again with a sign. The last thing he wanted was Kurt to get the shits with him for being too clingy and suffocating.
Tags: [character] blaine anderson, [character] mercedes jones, [character] tina cohen-chang, [episode] 3x01 puple piano project, [ship] artie/tina, [ship] kurt/blaine
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