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Kurt Hummel ★ GLEE

"I'll be your eyes, when you can't see the light."

Who: Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson
What: Lean on me, when you're not strong
Where: Hummel Home
When: Just over a week after the accident
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG-13

After making sure the bed tray was secure over Blaine's lap where he was sitting up against a mound of pillows in Kurt's bed, Kurt softly took Blaine's hand and wrapped it around the mug sitting beside the plate of toast with peanut butter that Blaine said he wanted for breakfast. He'd had hardly any appetite since the accident, so Kurt was just planning on giving him whatever he requested like the hospital had been, whether it was Lucky Charms for dinner or soup for breakfast. It didn't matter, just so long as he was having a bit of something. This was the first morning Blaine had been at the Hummel home. He was discharged from hospital lunchtime the day before, and then just slept other than when Kurt woke him up around ten pm the night before to help him to the bathroom before he went to bed himself. Kurt wasn't about to admit to Blaine that he had spent the whole previous night lying beside Blaine and watching him sleep to make sure he was okay. He had thought this would all be tolerable, but Kurt was scared Blaine wasn't going to be okay and wouldn't have a doctor or nurse in easy reach if he needed them. It was going to take some adjusting and getting used to, but he would do whatever it took.

Blaine had woken up a little while ago and wanted to take a shower, but doing as much as he could himself. Kurt had expected this would happen, Blaine needed to retain as much of his wounded pride as he could even if he was mostly reliant for everything right now. He had no sight and he was recovering from an operation. There wasn't a lot he could do without help. So Kurt had pre-planned, and once Blaine was in the shower, guided Blaine's hands to the three pump bottles on the shower shelf that had fuzzy velcro dots stuck to the front. One dot was the shampoo, two dots was the conditioner, and three dots was the body wash. This had earned a tiny smile from his injured boyfriend, and Kurt had signed in relief that Blaine didn't take offense at the help.

Now he was back in bed, still too weak to really be up and about. He had been discharged early as it was because he was just too miserable in hospital and the doctors felt he would be better out of that situation. He definitely slept a lot better than he had been in the hospital, so that was a start. "Okay, honey, that's your tea. I didn't fill it right to the top, so you shouldn't spill it. Then just here beside it is your toast, it's cut in triangle halves..." He shifted Blaine's fingers to feel the distance from his drink to his food. "There's a yoghurt here too if you want it. Peach and mango. But don't push yourself, okay?"
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