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Liam Hamilton

"Sisters are doing it for themselves."

Who: Liam Hamilton and Emma Hamilton
What: Twin Time
Where: Hamilton Home, Findlay Ohio
When: Around a week after the accident
Episode: Between seasons

Liam loved the summer. Basically he loved any excuse to be outside as much as he could, and right now, he was outside in the drive of the double-story family home adorned in just a pair of shorts and a chest-hugging wife beater as he squirted his face with the spray from the hose to cool down after an intense and impromptu practice session for a charity basketball match he had coming up in a couple of weeks time. The sweat had been pouring off him, and with the day as hot as it was, he had been forced to stop to rehydrate and the hose was just too much of a tempation.

He took a breather, resting his elbow on the arm rest of his wheelchair and leaning back in it, letting the sun dry his face as he aimed the hose at his mom's nearby rose bushes. Normally the week would have been filled with much time hanging out with his Dalton pals, but after the tragic car crash that took down a few of their own, things had a very sober air to them lately. Most of the guys escaped unharmed, but it still seemed so wrong that Blaine had taken the brunt of the whole thing. He lost his spleen and now there was a big question mark thrown up about whether he would regain his eyesight. On top of that, his family were being selfish pricks, and everyone was glad he had Kurt there. Liam knew all too well how hard it was at times to live with a disability and the last thing he wanted to see was Blaine being left with a permanent disability of his own. Liam wasn't a Warbler, more a sporty spice and focused on that to have the time to commit to performing. Plus, he couldn't sing to save himself, so he just admired from afar. But the Warblers were some of his closest pals, and the accident left everyone reeling.

He sighed softly, so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't notice he was no longer alone on their generously sprawling drive (that was built for the purpose of being appropriate to play sports on). At least the other Warblers had escaped without serious injury, even if Callum had been flown home to Scotland with his family to recuperate from the back and neck injury. Nothing long-term, though. It was just enough to make everyone really stop and analyse their own lives for a bit, and how much of an impact being a teenager really could have on people.
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