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"I could feel the protection, Possession and anger."

Who: Kurt Hummel and Mike Chang
What: Confrontations
Where: Room 19, Surgical Unit
When: The day after Blaine's news
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG-13

With Blaine taken for another MRI to monitor if the pressure was increasing or just remaining the same, Mike was left alone in the room and in hindsight, that probably wasn't the best idea. Kurt went with Blaine up to the radiology floor and waited until he was in the hands of the radiologists before he spun around and stalked all the way back to the room he had just left. By the time he got there, he had a faint ringing in his ears and prickle of anger over his skin to match the heat in his face.

He roughly tore the curtain between the bed open and shoved one of the chairs next to Mike's bed out of the way with such force it toppled over and Kurt grabbed hold of a handful of the front of Mike's hospital gown. "You fucking idiot! You call yourself my FRIEND!" he spat furiously. "I might be an Athiest, by I swear to fucking god if he doesn't recover, I will NEVER speak to you again!"
Tags: [character] kurt hummel, [character] mike chang, [episodes] between seasons, [ship] kurt/blaine
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