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Kurt Hummel ★ GLEE

"Feeling scared today, write down 'I am okay'."

Who: Kurt Hummel and Finn Hudson
What: Processing the aftermath
Where: Hummel-Hudson Kitchen
When: After midnight following THIS
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG

Kurt gratefully wrapped his hand around the massive mug of tea Finn placed in front of him. It was a huge novelty mug that Finn loved to use, but it was generally way too much for Kurt. It was sweet Finn wanted to make it for him, though and was now settling himself in the chair across from Kurt, watching him closely to make sure he was okay. Kurt just lifted the mug to his lips with both hands and took a small sip. Finn was a good tea maker when he wanted to be, when he stopped to courteously considering someone might want one.

A good few hours had past since Blaine's revelation about his vision. A doctor came, followed by a few different specialists. He was taken for an MRI and a CT scan, then given an EEG of his brain to monitor any strange activity. The dust settled and when Finn had made some passing comment about the rare occurence of Kurt being in the same clothes for nearly two days, Blaine had latched right onto it, insisting Kurt should go home for a shower and a sleep. He tried to make a joke about it not being likely he could see if Kurt looked like shit anyway, before even that was too soon and he promptly burst into tears all over again. It was all just getting a little too much, but after another private chat between the couple once everyone left them alone again, Blaine assured Kurt he would be okay and he felt terrible hadn't left to get sleep. Kurt agreed to go home for the rest of the night, but only after Carole and Mrs Chang agreed to keep an eye on Blaine for him. Carole was going to stay close just for support to Blaine and Mrs Chang was staying with Mike, so it worked.

He met Finn's gaze that was watching him like a hawk and wet his lips. "I'm okay. I'll go to bed soon if you want to hit the sack. I'll be fine."
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