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09 November 2011 @ 05:45 pm

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28 September 2011 @ 08:31 pm
Can you come back to our school and be fabulous? I know you won't care if I'm too gay.
27 September 2011 @ 08:28 pm
Who: Blaine Anderson, but open to anyone else
What: Transition process
Where: McKinley halls
When: Monday lunch time
Rating: G

This was Blaine's second week at McKinley now, and the shine was wearing off just a little. The first half-week he had spend there had mostly been a whirlwind of OMGYAYSAMESCHOOLASKURT and NATIONALSWOO. He enjoyed the Tom Jones performance in the quadrangle and other than Finn's cool reaction to Mr Schue welcoming him to New Directions, mostly Blaine had been made to feel at home.

But now it was his second week there, and he was starting to feel a little like a fish out of water when he didn't have Kurt around for a distraction. Kurt was getting amped up with his Class President campaign and the school was abuzz with talk of the musical. It was Monday morning now, though, and for the first time, Blaine was having an anxious sensation of missing the structure and safety of Dalton. He had a near miss with a slushie from one of the hockey team, but just when he thought it was aimed at him, it got some poor kid walking past him. Everything was just so crazy and buzzed and loud that he felt today like he couldn't catch a breather or a moment of peace.

With his books tucked under his arm, he closed his locker over and then wove his way through the buy crowd to the exit. He stood out on the walkway that led to the auditorium and leant against the railing to get a bit of fresh air. This place reminded him of his old school so much it was surreal, and he knew he just had to find his feet here. It wasn't turning out to be as easy a transition as he expected, though, and once again, he took out his cell to check to see if he had missed any texts from Kurt, but nothing. He was about to send one, but then just put his phone away again with a sign. The last thing he wanted was Kurt to get the shits with him for being too clingy and suffocating.
Who: Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson
What: Lean on me, when you're not strong
Where: Hummel Home
When: Just over a week after the accident
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG-13

After making sure the bed tray was secure over Blaine's lap where he was sitting up against a mound of pillows in Kurt's bed, Kurt softly took Blaine's hand and wrapped it around the mug sitting beside the plate of toast with peanut butter that Blaine said he wanted for breakfast. He'd had hardly any appetite since the accident, so Kurt was just planning on giving him whatever he requested like the hospital had been, whether it was Lucky Charms for dinner or soup for breakfast. It didn't matter, just so long as he was having a bit of something. This was the first morning Blaine had been at the Hummel home. He was discharged from hospital lunchtime the day before, and then just slept other than when Kurt woke him up around ten pm the night before to help him to the bathroom before he went to bed himself. Kurt wasn't about to admit to Blaine that he had spent the whole previous night lying beside Blaine and watching him sleep to make sure he was okay. He had thought this would all be tolerable, but Kurt was scared Blaine wasn't going to be okay and wouldn't have a doctor or nurse in easy reach if he needed them. It was going to take some adjusting and getting used to, but he would do whatever it took.

Blaine had woken up a little while ago and wanted to take a shower, but doing as much as he could himself...Collapse )
24 July 2011 @ 08:32 pm
Who: Liam Hamilton and Emma Hamilton
What: Twin Time
Where: Hamilton Home, Findlay Ohio
When: Around a week after the accident
Episode: Between seasons

Liam loved the summer. Basically he loved any excuse to be outside as much as he could, and right now, he was outside in the drive of the double-story family home adorned in just a pair of shorts and a chest-hugging wife beater as he squirted his face with the spray from the hose to cool down after an intense and impromptu practice session for a charity basketball match he had coming up in a couple of weeks time. The sweat had been pouring off him, and with the day as hot as it was, he had been forced to stop to rehydrate and the hose was just too much of a tempation.

He took a breather, resting his elbow on the arm rest of his wheelchair and leaning back in it, letting the sun dry his face as he aimed the hose at his mom's nearby rose bushes. Normally the week would have been filled with much time hanging out with his Dalton pals, but after the tragic car crash that took down a few of their own, things had a very sober air to them lately. Most of the guys escaped unharmed, but it still seemed so wrong that Blaine had taken the brunt of the whole thing. He lost his spleen and now there was a big question mark thrown up about whether he would regain his eyesight. On top of that, his family were being selfish pricks, and everyone was glad he had Kurt there. Liam knew all too well how hard it was at times to live with a disability and the last thing he wanted to see was Blaine being left with a permanent disability of his own. Liam wasn't a Warbler, more a sporty spice and focused on that to have the time to commit to performing. Plus, he couldn't sing to save himself, so he just admired from afar. But the Warblers were some of his closest pals, and the accident left everyone reeling.

He sighed softly, so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't notice he was no longer alone on their generously sprawling drive (that was built for the purpose of being appropriate to play sports on). At least the other Warblers had escaped without serious injury, even if Callum had been flown home to Scotland with his family to recuperate from the back and neck injury. Nothing long-term, though. It was just enough to make everyone really stop and analyse their own lives for a bit, and how much of an impact being a teenager really could have on people.
Who? Puck and Quinn
Where? The Lima Bean
When? The day after the accident
What? In which Puck finds comfort in an unlikely place
Rating: PG-13

Puck had barely slept, spending most of the night in waiting rooms, hoping to hear information one way or another about his injured friends. He'd stuck close, mainly for the sake of Sam and Kurt, who seemed to be the most freaked out by the whole thing.

Why hadn't he been able to talk Mike out of getting into that car?

Why had he survived a million stupid decisions unscathed, and now, one of his friends had made a stupid decision not unlike many of Puck's, and his future hung in the balance? And yet another friend was injured through no fault of his own.

An unexpected text from Quinn had been the only thing that had made him leave the hospital this morning, and he waited, bleary eyed and exhausted in the Lima Bean's cafe seating area, waiting for his ex girlfriend.
Who: Kurt Hummel and Mike Chang
What: Confrontations
Where: Room 19, Surgical Unit
When: The day after Blaine's news
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG-13

With Blaine taken for another MRI to monitor if the pressure was increasing or just remaining the same, Mike was left alone in the room and in hindsight, that probably wasn't the best idea. Kurt went with Blaine up to the radiology floor and waited until he was in the hands of the radiologists before he spun around and stalked all the way back to the room he had just left. By the time he got there, he had a faint ringing in his ears and prickle of anger over his skin to match the heat in his face.

He roughly tore the curtain between the bed open and shoved one of the chairs next to Mike's bed out of the way with such force it toppled over and Kurt grabbed hold of a handful of the front of Mike's hospital gown. "You fucking idiot! You call yourself my FRIEND!" he spat furiously. "I might be an Athiest, by I swear to fucking god if he doesn't recover, I will NEVER speak to you again!"
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Who: Kurt Hummel and Finn Hudson
What: Processing the aftermath
Where: Hummel-Hudson Kitchen
When: After midnight following THIS
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG

Kurt gratefully wrapped his hand around the massive mug of tea Finn placed in front of him. It was a huge novelty mug that Finn loved to use, but it was generally way too much for Kurt. It was sweet Finn wanted to make it for him, though and was now settling himself in the chair across from Kurt, watching him closely to make sure he was okay. Kurt just lifted the mug to his lips with both hands and took a small sip. Finn was a good tea maker when he wanted to be, when he stopped to courteously considering someone might want one.

A good few hours had past since Blaine's revelation about his vision. A doctor came, followed by a few different specialists. He was taken for an MRI and a CT scan, then given an EEG of his brain to monitor any strange activity. The dust settled and when Finn had made some passing comment about the rare occurence of Kurt being in the same clothes for nearly two days, Blaine had latched right onto it, insisting Kurt should go home for a shower and a sleep. He tried to make a joke about it not being likely he could see if Kurt looked like shit anyway, before even that was too soon and he promptly burst into tears all over again. It was all just getting a little too much, but after another private chat between the couple once everyone left them alone again, Blaine assured Kurt he would be okay and he felt terrible hadn't left to get sleep. Kurt agreed to go home for the rest of the night, but only after Carole and Mrs Chang agreed to keep an eye on Blaine for him. Carole was going to stay close just for support to Blaine and Mrs Chang was staying with Mike, so it worked.

He met Finn's gaze that was watching him like a hawk and wet his lips. "I'm okay. I'll go to bed soon if you want to hit the sack. I'll be fine."
Who: Artie and whoever wants to disturb him.
What: Finally making it to the hospital.
Where: Lima General Hospital
When: A couple of days after the accident
Episode: Between seasons.
Rating: PG

It had taken Tina coming to get him, sitting in her car for twenty minutes, then sitting outside the entrance to the hospital for a further thirty minutes to fight back the urge to throw up before he could safely wheel inside the hospital. Even then Tina had her hand gripping tightly on his shoulder as he slowly made his way to the room where Mike and Blaine were.

He could do this. He could go and visit his friends. He had to move past his fears, and be there for them.

[Multiple threads welcome (I'm catching up on the rest, honest!). He's heading to Blaine and Mike's room, catch him on the way. Use of Tina approved by mun.]
Who: Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel
What: More useless consequences
Where: Room 19, Surgical Unit
When: Getting close to two days after the accident
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: G
NOTES: Co-written scene, completed

By the time Blaine's sedatives were stopped, his vital signs were improving and he was left to rouse naturally in his own time. Kurt had barely left his side the whole time, even if his body got to a point where it just had to crash out and he ended up carefully climbing up onto the bed beside Blaine falling asleep beside him. That was where he was when Blaine woke up and analysed his surrounding. There was pain, but nothing like it had been when his stomach felt like he was being stabbed a billion times. He sucked in a small breath as he woken up a little more, stiffly and slowly touching his cheek and nose to feel the oxygen tubes there before moving upwards to his eyes. The hand moved to brush over Kurt's shoulder to his elbow. "Kurt..." he said scratchily, trying to get his boyfriend's attention. Kurt's cologne was comforting and familiar, and right at that moment, something Blaine needed to clutch hold of so he didn't freak out.

Kurt's eyes fluttered open. He had been dozing softly and hadn't even noticed Blaine had finally woken up until he heard his name mumbled hoarsely...Collapse )
Who: Kurt Hummel and Holly Holliday
What: A bit more heart-to-heart
Where: Room 19, Surgical Unit
When: A couple of hours after Sam and Mike talk
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG

Kurt managed to get a bit of broken sleep in the chair beside Blaine's bed, but he woke up with a sore neck and a headache from the awkward position he had been curled up in. After that, his brain must have been tricked into thinking a little bit of sleep was enough, because then he couldn't relax again for the life of him. People kept telling him he had to sleep and eat. He wasn't stupid, he was aware of both, but it was just way more easier said than done. His appetite was always the first thing to suffer when he was stressed, and now was no different. If he ate, he was going to vomit all over again. Instead, he had a bottle of water nearby he had been sipping on, which was as good as anyone was going to get out of him.

Now he was back in that same uncomfortable chair with the blanket wrapped right up around him and draped over his head. He looked much like Yoda, but he didn't care. The pillow Finn had gotten him along with the blanket was resting on the mattress beside Blaine and Kurt's elbows were nursed on it was held Blaine's hand and watched him sleep. He hated being here. The smell and the sounds were really getting to him and freaking him out, but if he just focused on Blaine, he could keep himself grounded without having an all-out panic attack. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a hand on his back, and from beneath his hospital blanket hoodie, he turned to see Holly sitting beside him.

"I know I need to sleep, no I don't want a sandwich, and I apologise in advance if I yell, sweat, or freak out on you," he murmured.
Who: Sam Evans and Mike Chang
What: Waking up to the unexpected
Where: Room 19, Surgical Unit
When: Approximately 18 hours after the news broke
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG-13 probably

Sam was so tired. He found that he needed to keep moving so he didn't fall asleep, but even then, he did end up dozing off and nearly falling out of the plastic chair. Really, no one else needed anymore broken bones. He didn't know how much longer he could wait before he really would need to go home to catch a few hours sleep. He was pacing slowly and quietly back and forth at the end of Mike's bed in the dimmed hospital room, the only light coming from the bed light above Mike. The opposite side of the room was darkened with Blaine being kept sedated for the moment and Kurt curled up in the chair beside the bed with his hand wrapped around Blaine's fingers. He had finally fallen asleep himself, the scratchy hospital blanket wrapped up over his shoulder with his head nursed on a pillow shoved in against the arm rest. It looked awkward and uncomfortable, but at least it was better than no sleep at all.

"Y'gotta stop or y'll make m'barf."

Sam came to an abrupt halt in his pacing and whipped around to find Mike watching him through heavy-lidded, woozy eyes. He had been so lost in his whirlpool of thoughts that he hadn't even noticed Mike was waking up. He hurried back over and dropped down into the seat he had vacated a little while before to move around. "Mike," he murmured and then after a moment of hesitation, wrapped both of his hands around Mike's and the tears he had been trying to hold back since he heard Mike was involved welled up and dripped down his cheeks. "Oh fucking hell, thank god you're awake."
Current Location: Lima General Hospital
Current Mood: tiredtired
Who: Kurt Hummel and Burt Hummel
What: Father and son chats
Where: Surgical Unit, Lima General Hospital
When: After THIS (now nearing lunch time)
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG-13

In a twist that probably should have been faintly amusing, but was just exhausting to think about, Blaine and Mike were put in the same surgical hospital room together after they were returned from Recovery. Two completely different operations, but the staff were kind enough to consider they might appreciate each other's company and would possibly have many visitors who wanted to see them both when the time came for them to be up to having visits. Right now, though, all Kurt could feel was a strange, faint anger deep inside his heart that Mike was part of this whole thing that hurt Blaine. He didn't quite recognise what the discontent was, but he knew that every time he looked across the room at a still passed out Mike, something flared up inside Kurt. Maybe it was just protectiveness rushing to the forefront now Blaine was out of he woods, but either way, it got to the point he had pull the curtain between the beds so he could just focus on Blaine.

Blaine was still asleep in the wake of the surgery. He had apparently been briefly awake in Recovery, but was too out of it to stay awake too long and the doctor had explained to Uncle Jason and Kurt that it was normal for his body to want to sleep the trauma off, and it was best to just let him do that if he needed to. That was before Uncle Jason had a complete flip-out about taking care of Blaine on his own because he was so busy, and he had to work, and he was only thirty, and he had no idea how to take care of a sick kid. Then a phone call from Blaine's parents who were apparently SO tied up in their overseas business dealings that expensive contracts would fall through if they didn't stay the month for negotiations. What the freaking FUCK? That probably wasn't helping Kurt's anger at all, and it was only making him hate the Andersons with a passion. He sat beside Blaine, holding his hand softly as he watched him sleep. How could anyone not care if their kid's life had been in the balance? How could they not want to rush to his bedside to see with their own eyes he was okay?
Who: Nick and Jeff
Where: The big scary land of hospital...
When: Late the night of the accident
What: Jeff lets Nick know he's not dead... And some BFF comfort times...
Rating: PG-13 ish?

Kurt's facebook comment had been enough to send Jeff off at a mad dash through the hospital, trying to get to the bay where Nick was. Well... at least some semblance of a mad dash, until a nurse had hissed at him that this was a hospital and he needed to behave like he had a bit of common sense. He had a few cuts and bruises, but nothing major, and after the doctor had cleaned him up, he really didn't look all that bad. He mostly hurt where his seat belt had been, and that was just a matter of healing up, nothing major.

He burst through the doorway of the bay, having waited until the hissing nurse disappeared to take off at a sprint again, and his eyes fell with relief on Nick. "Nicky... I'm not hurt!" he exclaimed, crossing over to his fried. "Are... are you?"
Who: Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson
What: A turn for the better or worse?
Where: High Dependency Unit, Lima General Hospital
When: After a couple more hours wait
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG-13

Blaine wasn't dead.

Blaine was awake.

Blaine was awake and asking for Kurt.

Kurt's boots made heavy footfalls on the hospital linoleum as he ran up the corridor in the direction of the High Dependency Unit. Blaine's uncle had just come to find him in the waiting room and told him Blaine had come-to and kept asking for him. In fact, he regained consciousness asking for Kurt and Kurt nearly just took off as soon as he heard that before he realised he didn't know where Blaine was. Jason Anderson had pulled Kurt aside in the corridor and quietly explained to him about Blaine's condition. Severe concussion, two cracked ribs, and a broken wrist, but other than that, he seemed to have escaped without serious result. They wanted to keep him in High Dependency overnight to make sure he was recovering okay, and then they would keep him in a couple more nights before he should be allowed to go home.

There was only one other time in Kurt's like he felt this relieved and it was when his dad woke from that coma. And ironically, it was in exactly the same place Blaine was right now. Kurt just didn't have time to stop and worry about that, though. Blaine was asking for him and he would be there.

He skidded to a stop at the room number Jason had given him, grabbing the frame of the door so he could pull himself into the room without falling over. He stumbled over to the bed where Blaine was lying, and a sob choked him up as he covered his mouth. Sure, Uncle Jason was saying Blaine was out of the woods, but he still looked really banged up. One side of his face was covered in cuts and bruises and he was hooked up to all those monitors, just like Kurt's dad had been only a few months ago. "Blaine... oh baby, you're okay..." he whispered, gently touching Blaine's face to analyse the injuries before he took Blaine's hand and held it to his chest. He offered him a tiny teary smile and kissed his fingers. "It's going to be okay, honey... you're okay now. I love you. I'm here. You're okay..."
10 July 2011 @ 01:33 am
Who: Sam Evans (but open if anyone wants to talk with him, multiple threads also welcome)
What: The waiting game
Where: Main hospital waiting room
When: A few hours after the news broke
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG-13

Sam's leg was bouncing anxiously as he sat in the busy waiting room for any news on Mike... any news on anyone, really. Mrs Chang had promised she could come and tell him any news when she could, but so far he hadn't seen any signs of Mike's folks. He didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but right now, his mind just wanted to think it was a bad thing while his heart was desperate for it to be a good thing. The last words he had shared with Mike was Mike bitching him out on Facebook. They hadn't said anything to each other in person and weeks, and to say Sam was confused was an understatement.

But this? This no one needed. The waiting was horrible, no one seemed to know anything beyond the fact that some of the victims of the crash were in a bad way. No one knew who, or how bad. How could Sam not assume Mike was one of those? He was in there somewhere but Sam didn't even know if he was awake or if he was in pain, and it hurt more than Sam knew how to process. He chewed on his thumb nail as his eyes remained locked on the entry to the waiting room for anyone to come with some news. But still, nothing and yet even more waiting to be had.
Who: Artie Abrams and Tina Cohen-Chang
What: Relationship discussion that'll likely turn into comforting over recent events
Where: Artie's house (bedroom?)
When: Day after Lima fireworks
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG-13

Tina was starting to wonder if there was something cosmically wrong with the universe. Last night had been great; seeing her friends, watching the fireworks with Artie, then kissing him as they agreed to give their relationship another chance - it had all felt so right. But if the stars and planets were all aligned, why had she woken up to news of a terrible accident, and why did it involve people she knew? And why was Mike MIA?

By the time she reached Artie's house and made her way to his bedroom window, her stomach was a jumble of worried nerves. "Hey," she said quietly, hooking her leg over the window sill as she climbed in, just like old times.
Who: Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel and Nick Matheson
What: Some answers, more questions
Where: Lima General Hospital
When: After THIS
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG-13

After the phone call from Blaine's uncle, Kurt seemed to just start rambling without making much sense at all. He focused on getting dressed and going on about things Blaine might need, but somewhere between his bedroom and the front door after Finn woke his mom and Burt to tell them what happened and get them to take them to hospital, Kurt seemed to lose the ability to talk. He went numbly quiet and barely shook his head or nodded in response to questions.

Now they were at the hospital and it was chaotic all around. There was no doubt what had gone down had been huge. A massive accident. The large hospital waiting room was scattered with people, but no one seemed to really know anything. The staff were tip-lipped, and probably because there were underage students apparently involved. Privacy and all that. But still, it didn't make any of this easier. Finn was stood out in the hallway of the ER just out of hearing distance from where Burt was talking intently to a good-looking dude in his thirties who was apparently Blaine's uncle, Jason. Kurt was nearby, arm cross tightly over his chest as he paced back and forth, eyes shining with unshed tears and his face a lot more pale than usual. After a few moments of contemplation, having no real clue what he should do, he just went over to Kurt and put an arm around his shoulder to comfort him. "It's gonna be alright, dude. You'll see."
Who: singslikeagirl with Finn Hudson and Blaine's Uncle
What: Bad news cometh
Where: Lima General Hospital to Hummel Residence
When: Around 2am, 5th July
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG

All Kurt could do was wake up with a soft annoyed but muffled moan when he felt someone shaking him out of a deep sleep. It was reflexive to try and smack the hand away, but it was relentless and now coupled with a hushed, "Kurt!" breaking through his groggy mind. It was dark and he finally cracked his eyes open slightly when they felt puffy and scratchy from being roused from a deep sleep. Probably filled with very sweet dreams about his boyfriend and running off into the sunset together. "Kurt, you gotta wake up, dude. Your phone keeps ringing."

"Doesn't... woulda heard it..." Kurt growled huskily in protest, realising it was Finn waking him up. He blearily looked at the illuminated digital clock by the bed, face still scrunched up with squinted eyes. God, he was tired. "Finn, goddamnit! It's nearly friggen' two am! Get lost, leave me alone!" He gave Finn's arm a shove to try and get rid of him, never being a charming person when he was woken prematurely. He was just about to roll over to go back to sleep when, as Finn warned him, his phone started to ring in Finn's hand from where his brother had been trying to get him to take it. Kurt nearly crapped himself when RESPECT started blaring out of the small handset, but it was his generic ringtone so it wasn't a familiar number. He crankily snatched for it to answer. "If this is a wrong number, you're dead," he snapped.


Kurt blinked hazily when the called knew his name and he glanced up at Finn uncertaintly...Collapse )
Who: Mike Chang plus a bunch of idiot meat heads
What: Teenage stupidity comes with consequences
Where: Leaving the fireworks
When: After everything at the fireworks
Episode: Between seasons
Rating: PG-13

Drink driving was one of those things everyone knew you shouldn't do.Collapse )
Current Location: Lima, Ohio
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04 July 2011 @ 08:59 pm
Who: Group post, open to all! ♥
What: Fourth of July Dance & Fireworks
Where: Lima Country Park
When: Evening, July 4th
Episode: Summer between seasons
Rating: Open (mark any threads that get NSFW, people!)

The Fourth of July dance and fireworks was a community event in Lima and they seemed to have gone all out that year. There was even a life band when last year, apparently the budget was mysteriously tapped and all they had was an old ghettoblaster that looked like it existed in the early eighties and could only play cassette tapes. The music was great, and the band was taking requests. It was no surprise that the members of the McKinley High Glee Club were hogging that little luxury, though, and the music switch to the classic just perfect for couples wanting some quiet slow-dancy moments, You Are So Beautiful To Me by Joe Cocker.
Who: Brittany S. Pierce and Santana Lopez
What: Santana's guest appearance on Fondue For Two
Where: Brittany's house
When: The day after Songbird
Episode: 2x19 "Rumours"
Rating: PG/PG-13

Santana was so nervous, she was shaking. Not badly but visibly, and she couldn't seem to collect herself. This was big. Really big. They'd be outing themselves to the entire school, on a web show. And this time, she was doing this by choice. She couldn't help being scared.

She sat cross-legged on Brittany's bed, trying to stay cool and stay put - the open bedroom door was looking tempting right now. But she couldn't do that to Brittany. She couldn't say no to her again. She watched as Brittany set up the camera and everything else she needed, kind of impressed. Britt normally wasn't too technologically savvy, but she seemed to have this down pretty well.

"How much longer?" she asked, a bit of anxiety creeping into her voice. She fought the urge to look at the door again, instead keeping her eyes on Brittany.
04 July 2011 @ 02:44 am
Who: Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel
What: Acting on those three little words
Where: Kurt's bedroom
When: After the last day of school
Episode: Following the end of 2x22 "New York"
Rating: NC-17

It had been two days since Blaine professed his love for Kurt at their favourite coffee shop, the Lima Bean. Even though he had known it in his heart for some time, he just knew that was the right moment to actually tell Kurt. He wasn't worried Kurt wouldn't respond, he didn't expect it in return... it was just the right time to say it, when his heart knewly wholly and 100% that it was true. After that, they had to face two more days at school until summer started, and now that was all said and done.

When Blaine arrived at the Hummel Residence after the drive from Dalton, no one else was home. Kurt greeted him at the door with a huge kiss and then led Blaine up to his room and closed the door behind them. This was more like it. No school, no classes, no Nationals, no auditions for summer jobs. Just them, alone together, no interruptions. Blaine caught both of Kurt's hands and linked their fingers together and pulled him close with a smile. "I really love you so much, you know," he murmured.
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03 July 2011 @ 09:21 pm
Players, please post a reply here to outline what your character has been up to since approximately circa Episode 2x16 "Original Song". We are picking back up in the summer following the Season 2 finale "New York, New York". Please include ship status, with whom, and any specific events they have dealt with since the game went on hiatus.

We will return to regular plots ASAP.

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28 June 2011 @ 01:23 am
Who: Tina and [nudge] Artie
What: Some self-reflection, followed by discussion
Where: WMHS Hallway
When: After Mr. Schue gives the assignment
Episode: 2x18 'Born This Way'
Rating: PG

One Tina Cohen-Chang stood at her locker, staring at her reflection. She'd been doing that a lot lately, almost like taking inventory. The curve of her nose, the height of her cheekbones, the way her dark brown hair framed her face...and then her eyes. Mike and Santana's comments about her eyes were still bothering her. "Eye de-slanting....self-hating Asian....."

Tina really did find herself to be a beautiful person...most days. On the days she didn't, all she could think about was something Cher had said on Behind the Music - that growing up the future diva's mother and sister had been blonde haired and blue-eyed, like the good girls you saw in the movies, while she had been darker in hair, skin, and eye color. Those were always the girls that were 'bad' in movies.

While Tina wasn't much of a Cher fan, something about that quote had always resonated with her. There really weren't any Asian icons for her to look up to - in all the mainstream movies, the exotic Asian girl was the bad guy. Rush Hour 2? Zhang Ziyi's character was a 'crazy-ass bitch' who got blown up at the end. The Crow? Bai Ling played a malicious seer, one half of an incestuous half-sibling duo that ruled the town. And Tina even want to think about the sparse amount of Asian supermodels in magazines.

What was wrong with wearing blue contacts once in awhile? Blue was a great color for eyes - Brittany had blue eyes, didn't she? Artie definitely did, Tina had looked at them plenty of times. When they'd dated of course. Though she had been looking at them more often lately...

A voice addressing her broke her out of her reflection, and she would've laughed at the irony if it wouldn't have meant she had to explain what she'd just been thinking about. "Oh, hey, Artie. Going to lunch?"
Who: Artie and Tina
What: Giving comfort and reassurance
Where: William McKinley High School
When: During the Night of Neglect, after Tina's interrupted solo.
Episode: 2x17 'A Night of Neglect'
Rating: PG

Tina had vanished after she'd been boo'ed off the stage, and Mr Schue had given his utterly fail pep talk. They were kids, they needed some encouragement, and Artie felt bad for Tina. Whatever else they may be, he was still her best friend, and she needed him. He had a feeling where she'd gone, and he headed to the choir room, giving a soft smile as he found her sitting at the piano - a familiar place for her. He wheeled over to her, knowing he had plenty of time before he was due on to perform.
24 March 2011 @ 07:24 pm
Who: Artie Abrams & Tina Cohen-Chang
What: TACO TUESDAY <3 (Two days late, I know!)
Where: Abrams House
When: Post-Regionals
Episode: 2x16 "Original Song"
Rating: PG

"Knock knock!" Tina exclaimed as she knocked on Artie's bedroom window. It was what she had dubbed Taco Tuesday - essentially just a day of her and Artie hanging out with the perk of a taco dinner, a la Mrs. Abrams. She was in a cheery mood, and on a whim decided to pop by her friend's window to let him know she'd arrived.
Who: Brittany and Santana
What: Cleaning up
Where: Girls bathroom, McKinley High
When: After the dirt-filled lockers incident
Episode: 2x16 "Regionals"
Rating: PG for now Let's make that NC-17. Or getting there, at least.

Santana had been extremely happy these past several days. She was in love; it happened to even the bitchiest. She'd talked some freshman Cheerio who was a locker away from Brittany into switching with her. (Well, really it was more of a threat that she'd kill the girl's social life if she didn't do what she was told. Same diff.) Brittany's reaction had been just what she wanted, and now she didn't have to push through crowds to say good morning or walk Brittany to classes. She loved it.

When Brittany found her at their lockers Monday morning, Santana hadn't even started to open her locker and turned to hug Brittany close and brush their noses together. An Eskimo kiss was as close as they could get to the real thing at school. They had just pulled apart, and Santana was teasing Brittany that those eyes on her were making her forget her locker combination, when Sue approached. Santana wasn't sure what came over her, but hearing Brittany stand up to Sue for them was kind of hot.

However, every emotion but horror was torn from her when she opened her locker and a flood of dirt nearly knocked her to the ground. She cursed and turned to see Brittany in the same predicament. Santana had never been slushied, but now she had experienced something similar, and she had to say, it really kind of sucked. She knew she wouldn't be going to class any time soon, so she closed her locker with as much dignity as she could and turned to Brittany, reaching for her hands. "Are you okay, B?"
15 March 2011 @ 09:22 pm

Who: Rachel & Kurt
What: Pre-regionals talk
When: Monday after school, between "Sexy" and "Original Song"
Where: The Lima Bean
Rating: PG

Rachel entered the Lima Bean just after 3:30 and looked around for Kurt. He wasn't there just yet but Rachel had no worries, she only needed a quick talk with him. A pep talk if you will; with all the things going on, she figured it'd be best to talk to an outsider, even if the outsider was once one on the inside. Rachel parked herself at a table in the corner and propped her head on one of her hands as she silently went over the music one more time in her head. Something wasn't clicking as she furiously thought over the lines once again.

14 March 2011 @ 08:53 pm
Who: Santana Lopez and Noah Puckerman
What: Celebrating!
Where: Santana's house
When: Saturday afternoon
Episode: Post-2x15 "Sexy"
Rating: PG-13 for their language

Ever since Santana had told Brittany she loved her and they'd officially started a relationship, she'd felt like she was in heaven. She had been so afraid Brittany would say no. She wasn't sure why, really, because she'd known from the start that Brittany loved her, but she'd just been fearing for the worst. It just made her even more insanely happy when the blonde had said yes, however, so maybe it had been kind of a good thing.

They'd intended to spend the weekend together, as usual, but Britt's mom was being weird and bitchy, so she wouldn't be over until tonight. In the meantime, she wanted to talk to Puck. He was the only one who had always sort of known she had feelings for Brittany. She'd never outright admitted it, but contrary to popular belief, Puck wasn't stupid and had figured it out on his own. And it had been sort of nice to have someone to talk with about it.

She moved to sit out on her front porch -- it was kind of nice outside for this time of year -- and took out her cell phone, dialing Puck's number. She grinned when he picked up. "Puuuuuckermaaaaan! Did I wake you?" she sing-songed.
14 March 2011 @ 09:35 pm
Who: Sam Evans and Mike Chang
What: Something went down in the the tent...
Where: Camping with the boys
When: Weekend before Regionals
Episode: Post 2x14 "Blame it on the Alcohol"
Rating: We're going to go PG-13 to start

It was dark and silent in the tent, and Sam lay on his back in his sleeping bag, chewing on the corner of his lower lip. He finally turned his head to look over at Mike, just able to make out the outline of his head in the dark. Ever since the infamous spider-leaf incident, Mike had been giving Sam the silent treatment. Sam hadn't meant to laugh that much, it had just been fucking hilarious. Even Blaine fell off the log he had been sitting on he was laughing so much.

He reached over and gave Mike a poke in the arm. "Hey. You can't ignore me forever. You'll need someone to keep the spiders away."
Who: All the girls
What: Weekend sleepover/girl bonding time
Where: The Jones'
When: starting Friday evening
Episode: Post 2x15 "Sexy"
Rating: PG-13

Her parents had made her promise certain rules for this weekend. No alcohol. No boys. No doing anything that might endanger her or her friends. Regular check ins. All of which Mercedes happily agreed with. It was a chance for the girls to relax, and do whatever they wanted before Regionals. The boys may have their camping weekend, but she was determined they were going to have as much, if not more fun.

Chick flicks set aside on DVD, junk food for a Friday, the promise of shopping tomorrow. The girls had been told just to come on in, treat the house as their own for the weekend. Now it was a case of just waiting for them.

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13 March 2011 @ 12:09 am
Who: All the boys
What: Camping trip / male bonding
Where: Greenslopes Camping Ground, about an hour out of Lima
When: Early Friday evening
Episode: Post 2x15 "Sexy"
Rating: PG-13

Mike practically flopped out of the passenger's seat of Sam's car and stretched, scrunching his face up after the long drive. He wasn't ever a paticularly patient passenger. He was a shocking backseat driver and got restless, which usually led to him being a terrible radio hog. Sam didn't seem to mind so much, though. They were supposed to have car-pooled with Kurt and Blaine, but they weren't sure when they would be allowed out of Warblers rehearsal that day, so they decided to take Blaine's car on their own. Apparently they got out on time, though, because they were already there and Kurt seemed to be bitching Blaine out, who looked like he had an armful of a yet-to-be-erected tent. Oh, this was going to be interesting. If Blaine convinced Kurt to sleep in a tent, he would be the equivalent of Jesus and walking on water.

Mike snickered and nodded over at the two Warblers and glanced at Sam. "How long do you think it will take for Kurt to smack Blaine with a tent pole?" he asked.

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11 March 2011 @ 01:34 pm
Who: Just Brittany
What: Private diary entry
When: Post-Landslide
Where: Her bedroom
Episode: 2x15 "Sexy"
Rating: PG

I don't know why I wanted her to talk about her feelings so much. It's just things were getting so confusing for me. Not the usual things, but things about our relationship. I didn't know what it meant. I just know I really like making out with her and stuff. But I didn't know what all that stuff meant and I really, really wanted to know. I wanted to know how Santana felt. Feelings are like, super important. If I knew what she was really feeling it would make this so much better. I know she says that it's totally better without feelings and eye contact and stuff, but it's not true. Not for me.

That's why I wanted to talk to someone. Adults are super smart and they know things. I thought maybe if we talked to one I wouldn't feel so confused about everything going on with us. Ms. Holiday is like the coolest person I know, so it made total sense to talk to her. She was awesome and really cool about us telling her and she wanted to help. She said we should sing a song to start some dialogue. I don't know what that is, but if she said to try it, it had to help right?

I didn't expect Santana to go along with it, but she totally did. Not only that, but she didn't want to sing in private like when we get our sweet lady kisses on, she totally sang in front of the whole Glee Club. It was amazing. I couldn't stop watching her during the whole song, I didn't care if anyone knew what was going on. It made my heart super sad to see Santana looking sad and struggling like that. And I totally thought I was going to cry when I saw tears in her eyes. I didn't know that was really how she felt. It made me really happy and it made me love her more than I already do.

But it didn't last long. Rachel had to go and say something and what Santana said back to her really hurt. I thought we were making progress, but it was just like all the other times. Maybe Ms. Holiday was wrong. I thought she would make me not so confused about all this, but I feel even more confused than ever.

I hope my cat doesn't read this. It's private and I don't want Santana to get mad for me telling anyone about us again like when I accidentally told everyone we were having sex before. Maybe I should change my password or something.
11 March 2011 @ 10:54 am
Who: Santana Lopez and Brittany S. Pierce
What: That 'I love you' scene but better.
Where: McKinley High
When: Afternoon, the day after the Landslide performance
Episode: 2x15 "Sexy"
Rating: PG for now

Cause I’ve built my life around youCollapse )
10 March 2011 @ 10:33 pm
Who: Just Santana
What: Private diary entry
When: Post-Landslide
Where: Her room
Episode: 2x15 "Sexy"
Rating: PG or PG-13

I sang a song with Brittany and Ms. Holliday in Glee today.

Britt started asking about feelings and our relationship and what it meant. It was hard to just brush it off when she looked so sad. So, we went to see Ms. Holliday and told her what we've been doing. She asked if either of us think we might be a lesbian. I don't think I am. Maybe bisexual. Not that that would help. Gay, bisexual, whatever the hell... The bullies around here wouldn't give a shit.

Ms. H told us to choose a song to sing that might be able to help us talk about feelings and stuff. I already knew what I wanted. I've been thinking about it for weeks. I ended up choosing Landslide. Stevie Nicks. And I almost cried. It felt GOOD singing that to her and she looked happy with it. Until the midget spoke. I don't know why Rachel Berry can't keep her damn mouth shut. Calling us "Sapphic"... What I said, it was instinct and it was stupid. But it happened. And I could FEEL Britt just fade. Like she'd given up. And I don't want her to give up on me when she's one of the only ones who care at all.

I know why I'm a bitch. It's no secret. I'm angry and I'm scared, and I just CAN'T deal with all that I'm feeling. I've never been able to. It's why I was always so insistent with B -- sex is NOT dating. Which, you know, can be true. But with us...it might as well be.

I've already told her once why I'm scared, then closed up. She must think I don't care about her! Shit! I can't let her think that. I have to tell her. I can't screw around anymore. She's too important to me, and I'm done hurting her. I don't want to lose her again.
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Who: Just Santana
What: State of mind
Where: McKinley High
When: Tuesday at school
Episode: Pre-2x15 "Sexy"
Rating: PG or PG-13

Spanish class was always Santana's least favorite. This class was an easy A for her, since she'd grown up speaking Spanish at home. Most of the time Mr. Schuester was talking, she was daydreaming, and when he wasn't, she was helping Brittany with her homework. The blonde tried so hard, and there were times when things seemed to stick. But she was certainly no genius, and it took a lot of Santana's patience to help her pass her classes. She didn't mind all that much, of course. Brittany was her best friend, and Santana would do anything for her.

Except...they were more than that now, weren't they? It had been a few years since they'd been just best friends...Collapse )
Who? Quinn and Puck
Where? McKinley High parking lot (closest to the football field, where Puck always parks for practice)
When? Friday afternoon, after practice
Episode: 2x07 "The Substitute"
Rating: PG-13 to be safe

A new wind is gonna find your sail/That's where your journey startsCollapse )
Who: Just Blaine
What: When clueless comes back and bites you in the ass
Where: Blaine & Cal's room @ Dalton
When: Tuesday night
Episode: Post 2x15 "Sexy"
Rating: PG

Something had shifted, but Blaine just didn't want to analyse what it was. Okay, who the hell was he still trying to kid. Of course he wanted to analyse it and he wanted to act on it. Bottom line was, somewhere in the confused haze, he had fallen for Kurt Hummel, and he had fallen hard. As soon as the subject of sex came up and was on the menu, Blaine realised he had maybe been just a little too eager to visit that with Kurt, and when Kurt threw up the wall, Blaine had stumbled. His own choices had come back to haunt him. For four months now, he thought he was doing the right thing just staying Kurt's friend. There had been feelings he had diluted, and urges he had pushed away. The friends thing worked, until it started to crumble. Jeremiah had been a confusion. Where Blaine though he should be looking rather than thinking too much on the way he felt when Kurt sang Don't Cry for Me Argentina.

Then there was Rachel. Yet another way for Blaine to try and convince himself whatever was happening with Kurt couldn't be that. Blaine always thought when you started dating, it was supposed to be this spectacular and flashy thing like in the movies... the thing with Kurt felt so damn nice and so damn easy, that it couldn't be that, could it?

It was only when Blaine was leaving Hummel Tyres and Lube (he couldn't even think of the word lube innocently right now) with his tail between his legs that the penny dropped abruptly in his brain...Collapse )
Who: Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel
What: Carnival fun
Where: Lima Park
When: Sunday night
Episode: Post 2x14 "Blame it on the Alcohol"
Rating: G

The carnival was in Lima for the next few days, and Kurt and Blaine decided to go together, even if Kurt wasn't a huge fan. Blaine managed to work his magic and convince Kurt to go along anyway, but he drew the line at forcing Kurt onto any rides he didn't want. It seemed the more intense offerings were out of the question, so they found themselves now stepping into one of the ferris wheel cubicles together. Blaine skooted over to the other side of it so Kurt could take the spot beside him and the carnival attendent locked the security bar down over their legs.

He turned to Kurt with an excited grin, his breath condensing in the chilled night. "I hope you aren't scared of heights," he said and rested his arms on the bar, looking around as they waited for the ride to start. "Are you having fun? Are you sure I can't convince you to go on the rollercoaster?"